Losing your first milk tooth was always one of the biggest milestones when you were a child. Not only was it considered a rite of passage, but it also meant a trip from the tooth fairy. Suddenly, your own children are starting to grow up and the same excitement and exhilaration of losing their milk teeth will become apparent.

If you find yourself wondering “when do baby teeth fall out”, know that most children start to lose them during the Key Stage 1 years of primary school. However, according to the experts at Colgate, each child is different, and you shouldn’t worry if your child’s milk teeth are staying put.

What is more important is the order in which the teeth fall out and are replaced with permanent teeth. You might notice that your child loses his/her teeth in the same order that they came in. Most children, for example, lose their bottom centre teeth first, which are often the first ones which erupted whilst they were a baby.

In some strange cases, some of the permanent teeth may be missing, which will cause the baby teeth to stick around longer since there isn’t an adult tooth there to loosen it. If you have a history of missing teeth in the family, make your child’s dentist aware of the problem so that they can watch for it.

To find out more about your child’s baby teeth falling out, take a look at Colgate’s advice: