More affordable term-time prices can tempt parents to consider booking a holiday during the school term. However, holidays during school time are only permitted at the discretion of head teachers.

While some school heads may agree to your child being taken out of school there is no obligation for any of them to do so. Children are only permitted to miss school when they are too ill to attend class, or absence has been agreed in advance with the school in exceptional circumstances.

Parents can be fined if they take their children out of school without the permission of the head teacher. Handing out fines of £60 per parent is within the power of your local authority – a penalty which doubles should you fail to pay the fine within three weeks, after which time you may find yourself facing prosecution.

Taking a pupil out of school for a holiday can be a selfish parental move some argue as it can disrupt your child’s classmates and force teachers to adjust teaching plans to help absentees catch back up.

Unauthorised family holiday absence
Almost 223,000 fines were issued to parents in England in 2017-18 statistics show, which accounts to almost double the quantity of penalty notices from the previous year. In January 2019 Lancashire County Council announced it was considering increasing its holiday fines to £1,000 per child, per parent.

The subject of taking children out of school for holidays is hotly debated by parents who, for example, have multiple children attending multiple schools all with differing school holiday dates, or by travel and tourism employees who are banned from taking holidays during the busy school summer holiday period.

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