Lots of young children find it difficult to settle down to sleep at night and the thought of staying in their own bedroom can often be very daunting. We have compiled a few tips to help encourage your child to settle and stay in their own bedroom through the night.

Have a regular and calming bedtime routine
Having a routine such as bath time, a story and then bed can often help your child to feel settled; reducing the chances of hearing the pitter patter of feet in the middle of the night.

If your child is afraid of the dark, consider using a nightlight or leaving a landing light on
This can help to overcome the element fear associated with your child’s bedroom. By making them feel relaxed, they will be less reluctant to sleep in their own bedroom.

Consistency is key
Give the new sleeping arrangements at least a fortnight before you consider making alterations. If your child throws a tantrum and ends up back in your bed after the second night, they’ll know you don’t mean business.

Make their room a nice place to sleep in
Ask your child why they keep wandering across the landing in the night. Is it too dark? Too hot? Too cold? Solve these problems during the day to put your youngster at ease. Add some cuddly toys or a comfort blanket to make them feel even better about their new bedtime routine.

Let them play in their room during the day
A child’s bedroom often becomes a night-time only venue if all they do there is sleep. This can lead them to associating it with being alone or being in the dark. By allowing them to spend an hour or so in there a day, they’ll begin to relax and associate it with positive things.

To find out more about your child’s sleep, visit NHS Live Well: http://www.nhs.uk/live-well/