Below are a few of our favourite after school snacks and recipes which will keep the kids happy and healthy.

BBC’s Instant Frozen Berry Yoghurt

Perfect for those parents with less time on their hands, this frozen yoghurt is a great healthy alternative to ice cream. Three ingredients – frozen mixed berries, 0% fat Greek yoghurt and a tablespoon of honey – are all you need to whip up this after-school snack.
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Sainsbury’s Spiced Apple Thins

Jazz up a portion of nutritious fruit with Sainsbury’s super simple spiced apple thins. Coated in cinnamon, sweet and chewy, they are delicious served warm in a parchment-wrapped cup with a little yogurt on the side as a dip. A perfect way to spice up the kids after-school treats.
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Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Potato Muffins
Packed full of goodness, really filling and perfect for popping in the freezer to keep fresh, these delicious muffins are made with cottage cheese, mixed seeds, spring onions and either butternut squash or sweet potato – whichever you prefer. Make a batch and let your kids enjoy them as an afterschool savoury snack.
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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
You’ll never buy hummus again after you and the children try this amazing roasted red pepper hummus. It is creamy, flavourful and tastes amazing with a handful of baton vegetables and some warm wholemeal pitta bread. A much more healthy and exciting option than a chocolate bar!
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MasterChef Junior’s Fruit Kebabs with a Strawberry Dip
Perfect for summer and those picnics in the sun. Get your children in the kitchen helping you prepare for those light evenings eating these tasty fruit kebabs.
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Tesco’s Cauliflower ‘Nachos’ with Cucumber Salsa
Keep the kids happy after school with this Mexican inspired healthy recipe. Making your own nachos from lightly spiced cauliflower adds an extra portion of veg to help the kids reach their 5-a-day – perfect for sharing and pairing with a fresh, colourful salsa as a 3:30pm treat.
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Kitty Cat Rice Cakes
Your children will have so much fun constructing these kitty cat rice cakes. Using only healthy ingredients you already have in the cupboard, this is the cheap, quick and easy treat you can indulge in every day.
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