As children enter puberty, they start to produce body odour. It is this process which should suggest that the time is right for your child to begin using deodorant. According to Health Line, children start puberty at different ages, with some girls beginning as early as 8 years old and some boys as early as 9 years old. This can then cause undeniable physical changes in your child, including the deepening of voices and significant growth spurts. In addition, puberty is when children start growing body hair and, as this develops, you may notice a distinctive odour coming from your child.

Most parents expect their child to start wearing deodorant by their teenage years. However, some children develop a body odour at a much younger age, and it is not uncommon for girls or boys to need deodorant as early as 8, 9, or 10 years old. Although you may feel your child is too young to be spraying deodorant, there is no official age that is declared ‘best’ for your child to start. Each parent must decide based on what they feel is best.

Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant 

If you do decide that introducing deodorant to your child’s routine is right for you both, you can choose either an antiperspirant or a deodorant. Some people use these terms interchangeably, however there are differences to consider. An antiperspirant is a product which prevents perspiration, whilst a deodorant eliminates the odour that is caused by sweat. If you are concerned by the harsher ingredients in an antiperspirant, choose a gentle deodorant for your child.

Child-Friendly Products

There a number of great products on the market which are branded as ‘child-friendly’. These usually contain a gentler formula and ensure that the product is not too harsh on your child’s skin. We have listed a few of our favourites below.

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