No matter how hard you try, it is possible that your child may struggle academically during their primary school career. To tackle this, we have compiled a number of different strategies from the PBS parent’s organisation.

  • Take a break – If your child says ‘I can’t do it!’ and throws the pencil down, take a little break. It is likely that they need to blow off a little steam and start fresh five minutes later.
  • Let your child make their own mistakes – It is important to allow your child to use their own knowledge to complete their school tasks. The teachers are looking to know what your child has understood and what areas need intervention, not what you as a parent knows.
  • Contact the school – If homework, class work or a project is turning into a dreaded battle, talk with your child’s teacher or Key Stage leader. By working together, you can make time for some new insights and new strategies which may work better for your child.
  • Consider asking for a professional opinion – As many as 20% of school children may have special educational needs. Of these, a good proportion are never diagnosed. If you have any suspicions that your child may have special educational needs then talk to their school. Each have a SENCO who will be able to offer you advice. But remember, a special educational need does not sacrifice your child’s academic success. A tailored plan between you and the teacher can ensure that your child remains confident, positive and supported.

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