The question of fast food consumption in children is widely debated in society, with the most recent advance being London mayor Sadiq Khan’s plans to ban junk food adverts across all public transport services. Whilst the consumption of burgers, French fries and fizzy drinks is not encouraged, dietician Kristy Hegner suggests that fast food can be enjoyed in moderation.

While some fast food menu items are indeed nutritional no-goes, over the past few years companies like McDonalds have added healthier items like salads, fruits and low-fat milk to accompany their children’s meals; making a trip to a fast-food restaurant once in a blue moon slightly less guilty.

A McDonald’s happy meal for example, according to dietician Lisa Mozkovitz, “is dietician-approved, yet kid friendly. With plenty of protein in the burger to help with children’s development and growth, along with calcium-rich yoghurt for building strong bones, and a fruit bag to contribute towards their 5-a-day, parents can order this knowing that they’re giving their children fast nutrition as a rare treat”.

To answer the question of whether fast food should be banned, according to dieticians this is a resounding no. As long as a visit to the fast food restaurant is a rare occurrence, accompanied by a balanced and healthy lifestyle, it can be a rewarding treat for your little ones to occasionally enjoy.

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